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Transitional architecture is a style that results from a blending of different types of architecture to create something new. While stylistic blends can generate completely new architectural styles in time, the current trend for Transitional Architecture is the merging of Traditional design with Modern detailing and aesthetics.

Some of the more popular varieties take the shape and massing of other architecture forms, such as English, Mediterranean, or the rustic Texas Vernacular (a.k.a. “Hill Country”) and merge them with cleaner lines, more glass, and a greater variety of materials- often with contrasting textures as well as colors. Smooth cut stone, stucco or even tile panels can be juxtaposed against rough stone veneers, metal panels and horizontal wood slats. Large expanses of glass and open rooms are very common, typically with large overhangs. Unlike Contemporary Architecture, the overall massing is still relatively simple by comparison, typically with either gabled or hipped roofs.

While the Mediterranean and English examples seem to have a more centralized massing, the Texas Vernacular variants tend to be more linear in their design with wings and adjoining structures. This not only allows the design to spread out and create more separation between the different rooms of the house, but helps blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating courtyards and outdoor “rooms” between the various blocks of the design, which are then connected with glass hallways or breezeways.