Interior Designer, IDS, SFC

I spent 20 years in the health and fitness arena before I transitioned into the design industry here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After spending many years around the US, Texas really has become my home. My beginning days were as a home stager which made for an easy transition into interior design.

People often ask, “what is your design style?” Truthfully, I find something to love about every style. This is why I love designing for clients of all backgrounds and tastes. Being adaptable is a great way to connect with my projects and makes me a versatile Designer. I am never thrown off by a curveball. My home currently holds a mid-century mod/boho mix, but I’m sure that will change in a few years or when my kiddos are a bit older!

I love being outside! Sunshine makes my day and is a huge contributor to my creative flow. There’s no substitute for natural light and it is an element I consider on all of my designs. After spending weeks hiking on the Appalachian Trail, I realized how important sustainable living was to me and that I could not separate who I was as a person and my work. I make an effort to incorporate the reduction of waste and resources in my own home and on all my projects whenever possible. I am also a certified sustainable interior designer and GREENleader through the Sustainable Furnishings Council and can put together an eco-friendly design just for you!